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World class & top-rated ERP Software & Solutions are here & are been provided by one of the awarded ERP Services company- Success Metric. Fully customized ERP modules to automate enterprises of all level. It’s time when you can get rid of the excel bugs and execute your business on the most secure and trusted ERP Solutions in the world.


Departments We Can Handle

Our ERP consulting services help you to gain control over all departments of your business

Apart from these basic features like Robust, Customized, Automated & Bug-Free, the part which you must be wondering if these data can be visualized in your dashboard with insights like selling price prediction, market demands, manpower required, optimum resource utilization, etc. So, our ERP solutions a step ahead of others. We can sync our ERP data with analytic dashboard giving an opportunity to harness these data for your revenue numbers as well.

SM Accounting

The financial operations, all debts, credits, taxes and other likewise relevant stats in a single screen with automated calculations.


This module of SM ERP Solutions monitors and record every single sales opportunity from customer life-cycle.

SM HR Management

Modules covers all the basic aspects of human resource management & can be upgraded as and when required

SM Production

A power-packed planning system inclusive of production planners, buyers schedule and monitoring the item production or procurement.

It’s time to check these must purchase packages of our ERP modules.

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