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IT Staffing

Since 2017 Success Metric has differentiated itself from other leading staffing firms by leveraging industry subject matter experts to train our recruiting force on a variety of emerging technologies such as IoT, Information security, Cloud Services, etc. This expertise enables our recruiting force an in-depth understanding of our client’s specific needs and requirements.



Our workforce of recruiters is motivated and passionate about what they do and strive to accommodate any present or future needs of our clients.

Resource Acquisition

Success Metric utilizes a dynamic resource vetting process, which leverages both onshore & offshore resources to deliver an accurate and cost-efficient hiring model. Our unique resource acquisition model provides clients with highly experienced candidates while maintaining cost competitiveness for our clients. Success Metric onshore/offshore model provides us with significant scalability to efficiently identify and secure resources to meet our clients’ ever-evolving needs. We utilize all major job boards, social media, large internal database, networking, referrals, + more, to obtain viable talent for our recruitment needs. Furthermore, once we understand our client’s unique technology requirements and needs, we proactively recruit to have prospective candidates available as our clients needs change.

First level (offshore): resource screening with a technical manager

Second level (onshore): personality evaluation screening

Ongoing: 24-hour recruitment



Success Metric LLP.

SuccessMetric has over three years of experience in a broad array of verticals such as Healthcare, Telecommunications, Fintech, Retail, Hi-tech, etc. We pride ourselves in market awareness, which is why we focus on spending time with our clients, consultants, and technical managers to evaluate current industry best practices, trends, and innovations. This industry experience and insight enables us to identify candidates that possess nuanced skills, traits, and abilities that have been proven to be invaluable to our clients

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